The Importance of The Unboxing Experience: Morimoto 4Bangers

The Importance of The Unboxing Experience: Morimoto 4Bangers

Presentation is key to sealing the deal on a good gift. Sure, you could just give your friend a new pair of headphones, but when you wrap the gift, it becomes an event. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. That is how we feel when we got our hands on a set of Morimoto’s 4Banger LED off-road pod lights.

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We have known for some time now that Morimoto makes quality products and we have discussed in the past our love for the 4Bangers. In short, they are at the intersection of performance, quality, versatility, and fitment. To add to the allure of these fantastic off-road lights, Morimoto provided the customer with a rewarding purchasing and ownership experience.


When you first get your 4Bangers delivered to you, they come in this high-quality cardboard box with the Morimoto and 4Banger iconography printed on it. The design has this matte finish mixed with some gloss and embossed design elements.

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Once you crack the box open, you are greeted with this cool pop-up design of a truck equipped with 4Bangers. The truck is set against a mountain range background that is also layered. It is so striking when you see it and it brings us back to opening dinosaur pop-up books as a kid.

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Not to mention, you can even drag the truck forwards and backward along the design. Morimoto really went the extra mile here and it shows. The presentation has been great so far and we have not gotten to the actual product!

After you have wrapped up making Jeep noises with your cool, sliding pop-up display, you can peel up the base and reveal your compactly stored 4Banger LED pod lights. The pod lights are contained in this foam material with the ‘4Banger’ logo printed on the foam.

They fit snuggly in there and they are just presented to you in such a celebratory fashion.

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Other manufacturers need to take note. These packaging elements do some nice leg work in making the act of receiving lighting goodies in the mail all that more special. The design and unboxing experience is unlike any other pod light producer on the market when it comes to the 4Bangers.

On some manufacturers, the box art and presentation are nice, but when you finally go to remove your pod lights, they are encased in tough cardboard. With Morimoto, that is not the case. They are truly protected from being damaged or rolling around in the box.

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On the side of the box, you will find the genuine parts sticker from Morimoto. To the rear of the box, there are handy graphics to illustrate the different beam patterns. A schematic/line-drawn illustration of a 4Banger pod light and what appears to be an early, cyclops-esque design.

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Overall, the design really tells shares the Morimoto story and brand experience within the design of the packaging. You have the Morimoto golden-yellow look with the geometric patterning that bleeds through their whole brand identity. A modern look with an emphasis on engineering expertise and aesthetics. Or, at least that is the vibe we are getting.


This is not to diss other manufacturers but to celebrate the importance of the unboxing experience. Morimoto understands that having a great product is only part of the joy that customers get when receiving the product. Imagine Carvana showing up with your car and just dropping it off on the backend of a wrecker or a Hot Wheels sold in a plastic sealed bag. There is a reason people keep their cars in the packaging.

Anyways, we just wanted to touch on Morimoto and acknowledge their great packaging design. We hope to see more of this creative product packaging from other top brands in the industry soon.

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