Did Morimoto Leak their 2021+ Ford Bronco Headlight?

Did Morimoto Leak their 2021+ Ford Bronco Headlight?

ATLANTA - On Wednesday last week, Morimoto released their 4Banger LED pod light mounts for the 2021+ Ford Bronco. They also released media and install guides to show you all the details on the 4Bangers. However, we happened to catch that the Ford Bronco used in the promotional images features non-stock headlights. Could this be an upcoming XB LED Headlight from Morimoto?

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We watched all the install guide videos and promotional images to piece together what could be a brand-new headlight housing from Morimoto. As Broncos are slowly getting into customers’ garages, it makes sense for Morimoto to roll out a headlight to accommodate the customizability the Bronco encourages.


Morimoto is typically very lock-and-key with their releases. It is not often that you will see a product, especially an XB LED headlight, out in the wild or in their promotional images. The alleged Bronco XB LED headlight in Morimoto’s media is a nice peek into what could be a hot product for Bronco enthusiasts in the (maybe) near future.

Bronco XB LED Leak v OEM Clear-05


A good product leak, cannot be complete without some speculation about all the details on the product. We have found the best images and screenshots we could gather to showcase these lights to you.

With respect to technical components, the Morimoto XB housings involve a few consistent materials and mechanisms that we can pretty much assume will be in this Bronco model. This would apply regardless of whether this LED headlight is a part of their entry-level Hybrid model or premium XB LED housing.

Bronco XB LED Leak_4

So, you can expect the standard UV-polycarbonate lens to protect the housing from the Sun’s rays. These will likely utilize a sequential turn signal and the start-up sequence that is frankly a trademark for the industry. The only way the latter two options may not be a function of the lights is if they are either a Hybrid or Hybrid-R housing.

Beyond that, we can tell that the car utilizes a dual-colored daytime running light (DRL). This is something we have not seen before on any existing Morimoto housings. Between the multiple DRL components, you can also see single light.

Bronco XB LED Leak Graphics-04

The lone lens in the center of the DRLs lead us to believe that this will be a Bi-LED projector that will function as both the low and high beam.

You can also see the etching on the glass. As standard for any DOT and SAE Compliant product, there needs to be a notice on the product of its qualifications. The Bronco Morimoto housing is probably close to production if these DOT and SAE markings are true, as opposed to a pre-production model.

Bronco XB LED Leak Graphics-03


As for the design of these Morimoto headlights for the Bronco, we really enjoy the mix of the amber and white DRL, as well as the shortening of the main DRL that the OEM housing uses. Morimoto has also encompassed the amber side marker into the design and looks to fit snuggly in the area between the grill piece and the fender.

Bronco XB LED Leak_6

The fitment of the housing looks great, and we have to admit that at first glance we did not think anything of the housing. It was only when we saw the OEM headlight again that tipped BAL off to the fact that these could be a new LED headlight housing from Morimoto.


At this point, all we can do is wait to see when Morimoto releases this housing or teases anything more. This seems like something they would catch, especially since Morimoto’s 4Banger has taken a huge chunk of their promotional media space.

Either way, we are always excited to see new LED housings come to the market. Morimoto produces some of the best lighting products out there. Hopefully, we will get to see the XB LED for the 2021+ Ford Bronco soon.

In the meantime, you can check out the video that these headlights are featured in below and form your own thoughts. If you have any questions about the products mentioned, looking to upgrade the lights on your vehicle, or just want to say ‘Hi’, drop us a comment! We would love to hear from you.

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