Team Nicksquared - On the Path to Success with GTR Lighting

Team Nicksquared, sponsored by GTR Lighting

Team Nickquared (comprised of Nicholas Roberts and Nick Judkins) drive a brand new Subaru STi rally car sponsored by GTR Lighting. Rally America Car #202 is fresh to the rally racing scene, but they have set themselves up for success by starting in one of the best places possible: New car, young adventurous drivers, all the gadgets and toys a professional race car team could need, and a sponsor to help them stand apart from other teams and help them see where they are going!
GTR Lighting is a manufacturer of high end LED and HID lighting products, and what better partnership to make than a lighting company and a rally racing team? These guys will be racing at night, and in less-than-favorable weather conditions.

Here’s a list of goodies that have been outfitted on this Subaru race car from GTR Lighting:

GTR Lighting OEM Style Low Beam HID D2C 5,000K Bulbs
GTR Lighting 35w High Beam HID Conversion Kit 5,000K
GTR Lighting 55w Fog Lights HID Conversion Kit 3,000K
GTR Lighting Front TW6 Style Amber LED Turn Signal Bulbs
GTR Lighting Rear TW6 Style Amber LED Turn Signal Bulbs
GTR Lighting Ceramic-Based 1 watt 194 Style LED License Plate Bulbs
GTR Lighting TW6 Style White Reverse Light LED Bulbs
GTR Lighting Subaru Logo LED Door Projectors

The GTR Lighting Rally Car

If you want to see more about Team Nicksquared, and Rally America Car #202 check out their Facebook page here.

Also, here’s a new video by Team Nicksquared made from footage of their first race at LSPR in Michigan where they took second place in their class:


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