NickSquared Rally Race Team Sponsored by GTR Lighting

Team Nicksquared, Rally Race Car Drivers, have been sponsored by GTR Lighting!

Team Nicksquared, comprised of driver Nicholas Robertson and Nick Judkins, drives Rally America car #202; a 2012 Subaru Legacy STI race car. The vehicle was ordered by the team specifically to be turned into a race car, so now with less than 5,000 miles on the clock it is set to debut at the LSPR (Lake Superior Pro Rally) event in late October. With intentions of nothing but becoming the best in the industry, this team has really set themselves up to achieve those goals. They are starting with arguably the best car for the sport, the best safety equipment, driving skills that Pastrana would be jealous of and now, the best lighting in the world! GTR Lighting has chosen to sponsor the team by upgrading every original light bulb on the car with either an HID conversion kit or an LED replacement bulb, including:

GTR Lighting OEM Style Low Beam HID D2C 5,000K Bulbs
GTR Lighting 35w High Beam HID Conversion Kit 5,000K
GTR Lighting 55w Fog Lights HID Conversion Kit 3,000K
GTR Lighting Front TW6 Style Amber LED Turn Signal Bulbs
GTR Lighting Rear TW6 Style Amber LED Turn Signal Bulbs
GTR Lighting Ceramic-Based 1 watt 194 Style LED License Plate Bulbs
GTR Lighting TW6 Style White Reverse Light LED Bulbs
GTR Lighting Subaru Logo LED Door Projectors

The GTR Lighting sponsored race car from Team Nicksquared, Rally America car #202.

Team Nicksquared posing next to their new race car, ready to win!

Car #202 ripping through the dirt, on the way to victory in the Rally America circuit.

For more information on the team, visit Team Nicksquared on Facebook here. For more information on the sponsor, GTR Lighting, visit the GTR website here.

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