JW Speaker 6130 LED Headlights, a Strange Design With Awesome Output

The JW Speaker model #6130 4.5″ round LED a headlight is a unique option for your customized vehicle. The Light output of this JW Speaker 6130 holds up the JW Speaker brand once again. The output is perfect. Is this LED headlight right for you?

JW Speaker 6130 high and low beam with the driver.

The JW Speaker 6130 has great light output, great quality, and is built in the USA but it’s not perfect. These units have internal fans that have visible white stickers, and they don’t fit too many applications. You’ll really have to know what you’re doing in terms of installation and fabrication to make them work, but if you can get them to fit some application you won’t be sorry! These  4.5″ LED headlights are 32 watts each making them a total of 128 watts total (2 low beams and 2 high beams).

Because of the small and compact high-powered headlights, a pair of low and high beams need a driver to give them power. Normally the driver is located inside the headlights, but there’s just no space for it on this model. The size and output are also the cause for the cooling fans.  These headlights are a great and unique choice for your custom build but there aren’t many vehicles that these headlights can be dropped into and turned on.  Many people have said the design of the high beam represents a spider eye and it’s hard to disagree with that thought. I think this is an awesome light because of how unique and cool it is but it’s also completely functional, so if you can make it work you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity!

If you want to learn more about these JW Speaker 6130’s watch this in-depth review by Headlight Revolution. They show you the real world light output and dissect the lights in every detail:


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