JW Speaker 6130 LED Headlights, Unique Design and Awesome Light Output!

6130 Low beam and High beam LED headlights.

The JW Speaker LED headlights model #6130 are definitely a unique piece of equipment! Some people describe the way the high beam looks by calling them “spider eyes” and the low beam resembles it’s older brother, the more common #8700. Regardless if you like them or not, these lights are top notch and no purchaser of them will be disappointed in the build quality or the light output.

Coming in at about 4.6″ diameter you will be hard pressed to find an application where these lights just “slip into place” but they do come with a mounting bracket that makes them essentially universal! These would make for an epic street bike set of headlights or if you have a car or truck that takes 2 pairs of 6″ round headlights you could create your own method of installing these for a truly spectacular look and style like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

JW Speaker 6130 LED headlights custom-installed on a BMW car.

These headlights are also different than other LED headlights because they use an external LED driver. The reason for this is because the headlight housings are so small the driver cannot be contained inside. These lights are very powerful, and to create the amount of light output they do (about 1,200 low beam and 2,400 high beam) they need to use a 64w power driver.

Finding a place to mount this driver is not that tough to do, and all the wiring hooks up very neatly and out of the way, but in order to use 4 of these lights you will have to get your hands on a pair of low beam headlights, a pair of high beam headlights AND a pair of the drivers. Each driver controls one low beam and one high beam headlight.

The 6130 low beam, the 6130 high beam and the driver to control them.

If you are interested in more information on these headlights, watch this detailed demo/review video that I made that shows you light output comparisons and everything about the lights you need to know:


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