J.W. Speaker 8700 Evolution 2 LED Headlight Review

JW Speaker is a company located in Wisconsin…that actually manufactures in Wisconsin! Can you believe it? This company is one of the last big brands that keep their building processes in-house, in the USA.

If that’s not enough of a reason to buy their products, think about the fact that 99% of all cheap Chinese headlights coming out on the market today were inspired by these American designs, or straight-up copied! I mean, if they’re good enough to be copied, why not buy the originals?

The real JW Speaker LED headlights to have a better warranty (5 years), have a better fit and finish, and better light output than any of the copycat headlights you’ll find that look like these, or are “inspired” by this design.

Not only do these headlights have a futuristic and sleek design, they’re also super efficient! They draw less than half the amperage of your old halogen headlights and produce WAY better light! Check out the video down below for a full rundown of performance and specs.

The JW Speaker 8700 Evolution 2 is available in black or chrome versions. Both have the exact same light output characteristics – the only difference is the look on your vehicle.

JW Speaker 8700 Evolution 2 Low Beam

JW Speaker 8700 Evolution 2 High Beam

JW Speaker 8700 Evolution 2 Low Beam

JW Speaker 8700 Evolution 2 High Beam

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