Harley Davidson LED Headlights, Made by JW Speaker in the USA

Most Harley Davidson motorcycles come with a 7″ round sealed beam or composite halogen headlight bulb and starting in 2012 a new OEM option became available at all HD dealers to offer their customers a drop-in replacement LED headlight. This new futuristic-looking LED headlight has 4 projectors built in with a chrome surface and creates a stunning light output with 100% LED light. It’s interesting to point out though that this is not a Harley Davidson special. This headlight has been available for quite a while under the part number of JW Speaker model #8700. See for yourself the similarities:

The Harley Davidson re-branded LED headlight.The Harley Davidson re-branded LED headlight.

Here is the Harley Davidson version of the headlight, with the Harley logo embossed into the middle of the light and very rounded lines surrounding the 4 different projectors. These headlights are drop-in plug and play for any Harley and they are DOT approved producing approximately 1,700 Lumens of light output!

JW Speaker Model #8700 LED Headlight

Now here is the original J.W. Speaker model #8700 7″ round LED headlight with the Speaker logo and original bezel shape. If you look at the two lights it becomes obvious that they are the same thing and the only differences are some subtle design cues. The #8700 has kind of this “figure 8” or “hourglass” type of raised design around the two middle projectors and the entire outside perimeter of the JW Speaker light is segregated by a crease in the bezel face. Also you will see the Speaker logo embossed at the top of the bezel face and nothing in the middle where the Harley logo is located in the other one.

These headlights are identical aside from the small design changes from one to another so if you want to get your hands on this headlight but can’t find one from your local Harley dealer, just click here to buy your own JW Speaker 8700 and it will plug right in!


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