Morimoto XB Hybrid LED Headlights - Better Automotive Lighting

What's the difference between the XBLED

headlights and the XB Hybrid LED


Technology and price.

The original Morimoto XB LED headlights are kind of like the Ferrari of headlights. Stylish, powerful, luxury, all the bells, and whistles – they really are the best of the best. They feature a unique startup sequence, “animated” sequential turn signals, stunning piano black interior finish, integrated LED DRL and turn signals, and smoked accents inside to give it a dark and impressive look.

The new Morimoto XB Hybrid LED headlights are kind of like the Corvette of LED headlights. Still, WAY better than most other options out there, and miles above your standard LED headlight options, but a little more subdued than the original higher-priced XB. They’re still a black-out look with LED projection, and they still perform better than the original headlight that came on your car or truck. BUT they’re at a much lower price point!


You can see the differences easily with this graphic. On the right you have the original XB LED headlights with all the luxury you could ever want. And on the left you have the new, lower price, XB Hybrid LED headlights with fewer options but still have great performance and a lower price point.

The Morimoto XB Hybrid headlights come in at 20-50% less than the original high-end version because they feature fewer components. They are a great option if you’re looking at an upgrade that doesn’t break the bank! You still get that great Morimoto quality and style. Best of all? Even the XB Hybrid LED headlights are better and brighter than what you have now!

If you need more information you can watch these videos and see for yourself what makes the new Morimoto XB Hybrid headlights so great:


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