Best Headlights for a Jeep Renegade - Better Automotive Lighting

Headlight Revolution tested all the top brands of 7″ Round Headlights to find the very best of the best for the Jeep Renegade.

There are many factors that go into determining whether a 7″ Round Headlight performs well or not, the most important being beam pattern and brightness.


In order for a headlight’s performance to be great, it must have a good combination of beam pattern and brightness.

If a headlight has an incredible brightness but has a terrible beam pattern several issues will arise. First, all other drivers on the road would experience excruciating blindness since light is being thrown all over. Second, it actually appears dimmer for the driver, light is being dispersed everywhere but down the road.

In Headlight Revolution’s video, all the tested headlights are shown with beam patterns and brightness. Listen to what they have to say about each one, and see what one is best for you!

Based on the results, here are our Top 5:


JW Speaker 8700 J2

Low Beam: 810 Max Lux
High Beam: 1590 Max Lux


Morimoto Super 7

Low Beam: 970 Max Lux
High Beam: 980 Max Lux


Vision X Vortex (VX Series)

Low Beam: 900 Max Lux
High Beam: 1100 Max Lux


KC HiLites Gravity Pro

Low Beam: 660 Max Lux
High Beam: 1350 Max Lux


Truck Lite 27270C-MP

Low Beam: 820 Max Lux
High Beam: 1990 Max Lux

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