All New RGB Headlights for the Ford Bronco

All New RGB Headlights for the Ford Bronco

The new re-design of the Ford Bronco took the world by storm with its first debut in 2020. When the 2021 model was finally available, enthusiasts plagued their local dealerships to get their orders in. These orders took months, or for some even years to be fulfilled. But as most owners have stated, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing it in your own driveway. Many Bronco owners have already dug in deep modifying their new rides with top-of-the-line gear. Until now, there hasn’t been an aftermarket headlight unit worthy of your new Bronco. Morimoto changes that with the introduction of their new XRGB headlights. The XRGB is a never-before-seen headlight from Morimoto, with all exciting new features exclusively for the Bronco.



Unique RGB Features

When it comes to aftermarket headlights for your Bronco, there are limited options available. Of those options, there aren’t any that encompass Morimoto’s no-compromise standards. Morimoto has been the leader in the aftermarket lighting industry for years and continues to show why. With the new XRGB headlights, they’ve brought us a whole new concept that we’ve never seen before from Morimoto.

ezgif.com-gif-maker-1Out of all the headlights Morimoto offers, these are the most unique with a full color-changing RGB daytime running light. That means no matter what color Bronco you bring home from the dealership; you’ll be able to customize your new headlights to match. Red, green, blue, or anything in between – you’ll be able to pick the perfect color for you. The new DRL is controlled via Bluetooth by an app on your phone. This new app is called HappyLighting and is extremely user-friendly for any enthusiast. The best part is – you won’t experience any lag between changing colors on your RGB daytime running lights. Morimoto provides flawless functions and customization is completely up to you.

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Brighter Than Your OEM Headlights

If you’re a Bronco owner that often finds themselves driving after dark, you’re probably already aware the headlights need a little help. For those of you that choose to venture off-road, it’s vital to have quality lighting that can confidently navigate you through mountains and backroads. You don’t want to let dim OEM lighting limit where your adventure takes you. Even for everyday on-road driving, seeing wildlife, curves, and signs is important for making sure you to your destination safely. Ford made the OEM headlights with an LED reflector. The optics of their headlights show that the beam pattern is way too narrow and poorly distributed. We had the chance to put the new XRGB headlights from Morimoto up to the test with the OEM headlights and you’ll be shocked to see what a huge improvement they are over stock.

In this test, we use a digital lux meter to measure the brightness of the OEM LED headlights versus the Morimoto headlights. This testing is done 25 feet away from the wall to keep a consistent comparison between the lights.


Your OEM LED low beams come in at 680 max lux. For an OEM LED headlight, this really isn’t that impressive. And as we mentioned earlier, you can see just how narrow the low beam pattern is. The hot spot lacks intensity, which only reduces the amount you can see down the road.


The Morimoto XRGB headlight was tested at 1,710 max lux on the low beam function. Since this headlight uses bi-LED projectors, you’ll get a wider beam pattern where the light is well distributed throughout. The low beam on the XRGB headlights is nearly 3 times brighter than the OEM LEDs.


Moving onto the OEM LED high beam, it doesn’t really improve. Yes, the OEM high beam is rated a lot higher than the low beam. However, you don’t want to have to rely on your high beams to drive at night. Even with this beam pattern, you’re lacking width and distance lighting. Compare this to the XRGB headlight from Morimoto, and you’ll see a huge difference in this wall-to-wall comparison.


The Morimoto XRGB high beam does a much better job at distributing light evenly across the road and projecting that light further into the distance. Overall, this LED high beam is a much better option when it comes to driving at night.

With the Morimoto XRGB headlight units, you can benefit from their many features. Not only is the beam pattern wider, but the XRGB headlights are also much brighter and help you see further into the distance. Morimoto puts performance and quality at the top of their priority lists. On top of the increase in light, you’ll enjoy their OEM quality and fitment. The XRGB headlights are completely plug-and-play per Morimoto quality standards. That ensures installation is short and easy with no excess modifications to your OEM wiring, they believe better lighting should be easy to achieve. You’ll also be backed by their 5-year warranty, one of the longest offered by any aftermarket lighting company.




Morimoto always knows how to create the best products in the lighting industry. Their new XRGB headlight for the Bronco is the highest-performing headlight thanks to the build quality, insane light output, and plug-and-play compatibility. Not to mention, you’re backed by Morimoto’s 5-year warranty because they know their product and stand by the quality.

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