United Pacific 31355 7 Inch Round LED Headlight Review

Out of all of the available 7″ Round LED headlight housings on the market today, none give the same style and output like the United Pacific 31355. Whether you think it is inspired by a UFO, or the JW Speaker 8770S locomotive headlight, there’s no arguing that it’s not unique! It was pretty exciting to test this headlight and the results were actually pretty good! Remember, it comes in black or chrome, so make sure you pick the one that best fits your project!

The 31355 produces 2,100 lumen for low beam and 2,100 lumen for high beam for a total light output lumen rating of 4,200 Lumens per headlight! That’s really impressive! The biggest downfall is that the low beam and high beam do not automatically fire up together when going to high beam. Your vehicle either needs to power up both high beam and low beam circuits already, or you need to do some custom wiring to keep everything activated together – that’s the best way to get this headlight to truly perform well!

Here you can see the low beam pattern is pretty good. It’s not the brightest option out there but it’s a universal design good for RHT or LHT driving situations. There’s a good hot spot, and a good cutoff line.

The high beam is weird, as you can see there is a lot of inconsistency to the beam. This is caused by the ring of LEDs around the outside of the housing not being perfectly aligned. Just remember, that if you wire up this headlight you need to be able to turn the low beam on at the same time your high beam turns on otherwise this is all you’ll get on high beam.

With the high beam and low beam connected you get this beam pattern. It’s actually quite good! You get a lot of left-to-right fill, an incredibly bright hot spot, and some good vertical light output. If your vehicle doesn’t power up the low beam WITH the high beam already, you need a high-four adapter.

Here’s the low beam pattern displayed out on a street. Definitely brighter than a stock sealed beam headlight, but not the most impressive option available. This is just proof that if you like the style of this headlight, go ahead and get it because as you can see it’s a good light.

This is what just the high beam looks like. See the next picture to see high beam and low beam together.

Here you can see the low beam staying on with the high beam. With this configuration you can see that this United Pacific LED headlight truly has an impressive beam pattern and light output. Get all the LEDs turned on and you can see everything in front of your vehicle!


If you want to learn more on these headlights, you can watch the video below to get more information on those headlights!

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