How to Stop JK Jeep Wrangler Flickering LED Headlights

This is a harness made by Headlight Revolution that was the first product ever to solve the flickering problems when installing LED headlights in the JK Jeep Wrangler.

One of the most popular things happening in the Jeep market right now (other than Vision X LED Off Road light bars) are LED headlights. Several companies make a light that will fit the opening of the Jeep that uses a 7″ round headlight housing, but nobody makes one specifically for the Jeep. This is a problem because the JK Jeep Wrangler (2007+ Models) use a special CANBUS functionality built into the lighting circuit. This is a good thing because it is a more intelligent design to control the lighting, but it makes modifying the headlights a difficulty. This is how to fix the flickering problems you will encounter when trying to install LED headlights into your JK.

This is the only thing you need in order to install flicker-free 8700 LED headlights into your 2007-2014 Jeep JK.

Without doing any modifications to the wiring, if you install LED headlights, like the JW Speaker 8700 Evolution, or the Truck-Lite 27250C the lights will flicker, flash randomly or strobe. This can cause headaches for the owner of the product because it will seem like the product is defective.

With the anti-flicker harness from TLG-Auto you can install any LED headlights in your Jeep Wrangler without any flashing or strobing problems!

If your LED headlights installed in your JK Jeep flicker or strobe, the lights are not broken – IT’S A PROBLEM WITH YOUR JEEP! Don’t send the lights back. Instead just buy the harness. You need THIS HARNESS to work with JW Speaker 8700 or you need THIS HARNESS to work with Truck-Lite 27270C. The Jeep Wrangler JK Anti-Flicker harness for JW Speaker LED headlights is made by Headlight Revolution and will solve your LED headlight strobe problems. This is a plug and play harness and requires no modifications, and you don’t have to hook it up to the battery! Simply plug it into the LED headlight and plug the other side into the Jeep – THAT’S IT!

With the anti-flicker harness from Headlight Revolution you can install any LED headlights in your Jeep Wrangler without any flashing or strobing problems!

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