How to install KC HiLiTES 7" LED Headlights in the Jeep Wrangler - Better Automotive Lighting

We recently came across this product install of the 7″ Round KC HiLiTES LED Headlights in a Jeep Wrangler. Keep reading to see how this Wrangler owner did the project.

Re-posted from the Wrangler Forum.  Write-up and pictures by user HSKR4X4 on www.wranglerforum.com.

KC HiLiTES 7″ LED Headlight Install

Install time: Roughly 20-45 minutes
Rating: EASY!

Let’s get started! Hopefully I am making this as easy as possible for those that are experienced and to newbies that have never touched their Jeeps. Here is what comes in box. (Make sure you obviously have both lights and both harnesses before starting)


Tools needed:
 - Flat Head Screwdriver
- T10 Torx Screwdriver
- Pick Tool

First you need to undo the blinker/running lights on grille. You have two options depending on what you find easier. You can pull red tab, press the harness bottom tab and pull harness, or you can just twist the light housing and light when come out with harness still attached.

Next, opening hood. On each side of front of hood you will have two latches. You will need to pull back those hood latches on each side for hood to open enough to unlatch hood lever under hood. Note to Jeep owners that have never owned a Jeep before. There isn’t a hood lever to pull inside of Jeep.

After propping the hood open, you will see on the top of grille 6 black push button tabs. Here is where you will need the flat head screwdriver and pick.

First take flat head screwdriver and pop at the plastic pin in the tab. (If the entire push button comes out that is fine) Then take pick and gently go under tab to pop out.

After all 6 tabs are completely pulled out it is time to gently pull corners of grille. On each end of grille there is tabs behind and also down lower middle section. By pulling one or possibly even both ends “gently” that will help pull the rest of grille from Jeep.

Place grille aside and this is what your Jeep should look like at this point.

Now it is time to start pulling your factory headlights! Grab your T10 torx screwdriver (I’ve heard some Jeeps have a different size) and unscrew the chrome ring that goes around the actual headlight.

BE AWARE THAT ONCE ALL FOR TORX SCREWS ARE PULLED, THE HEADLIGHT CAN FALL OUT. Make sure you are holding light in place with one of your hands!

Now that the ring is pulled, gently pull light out so you can see wiring harness behind.

Note: My harness will be different due to having the KC HiLiTES H4 coversion 7″ Headlight upgrade.

On the wiring harness you will need to pull the red tab out then push the harness tab button and pull wiring harness apart.

Once you have both headlights and harnesses pulled this is what you should have and what stage your Jeep should look like. Good time to grab some glass cleaner and wipe the grime off the chrome ring.


Grab your new KC HiLiTES LED Headlights and harnesses and attach the yellow three pronged plug in to the back of headlight housing. Now take headlights back to Jeep for final install!

Take wiring harness and plug back in to the green harness that is hard wired in to the Jeep. (Make sure after attaching harnesses to push back in red tab)

Next is lining up the headlights. (There is 4 little rectangle grooves that match up with the 4 rectangle boxes that will help you line up new headlights perfectly)

Once you have your headlight lined up, slide back on the chrome ring and start screwing in the 4 torx screws.

Now that you have both headlights installed, check to make sure your low/high beams work!


It is now time to put the grille back. On each end once again there is two tabs and the rest will be holes to help you line up grille.

Once lined up gently tap in from one side to other and you will see/hear everything go back in to place.

Now that grill is lined up, take the tabs and put back in the 6 holes then take the 6 pins and slide in to the tab holes (They can only go in one way due to the grooves so don’t force)

You’re now at the FINAL STEPS!

Put the blinker/running lights harness or lights back in, then Close hood and latch down... DONE!!!!

If you want to get your own set of 7″ Round LED Headlights from KC HiLites, you can find them for sale and many other LED headlights to fit your Jeep Wrangler here at Headlight Revolution!