LED Headlights with Built-in Halo for the Jeep Wrangler

When looking for LED headlights for your Jeep Wrangler, check out the Vision X Vortex LED headlights with a built-in LED halo. These lights come in chrome or black chrome and feature a life-time warranty from Vision X. A single Vortex LED headlight produces 4,210 raw lumens of light and 2,947 effective lumens of light. Each headlight has a high and low beam function as well as a DRL halo.

Along with the Vortex headlights, this Jeep was fitted with the matching round Optimus Halo LED fog lights. Each of these light pods create 1,052 raw lumens of light. And if that light wasn’t enough, a license plate light bar mount was added to fit a 12″ Xmitter Low Profile Extreme LED light bar to add another 4,437 raw lumens. That’s a grand total of 14, 961 raw lumens! (To put that into perspective, the normal, stock headlight creates 1,000 lumens of light.)

One Vision X Vortex LED Headlight with High and Low beam both turned on.

We created a review and demonstration video below with all the details of the Vortex headlight. Feel free to contact us is you have any questions about your next Jeep lighting project and if you’re interested in these types of installs.



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