How to install a Royalty Core Light Bar Truck Grille

Many people see these new grill replacements for their trucks for sale and on cool truck builds, but they don’t really understand the logistics of how to install them. You either don’t know and won’t buy the product due to uncertainty, or you buy it without thinking about how it works and regret it because you can’t figure it out.

There’s a new video explaining much information about these steel mesh aftermarket grilles for trucks and how to do the install. Here’s the video detailing how to install a Royalty Core grille replacement on a Toyota Tundra using Vision X LED offroad light bars:



The first and most important thing most truck enthusiasts probably don’t know is that you have to cut out the center section of your original grille first to install the new one. On some vehicles, that middle section will pop out, and there’s no cutting involved, but most of the time, you’re not that lucky!

This is what the grille on the Tundra looked like before being cut up to fit the Royalty Core grille.
This is what the Tundra grille looked like after being modified. The middle is cut out so the new grille insert can fit in place properly.

Once you have the original grille removed and the center section cut out, the new aftermarket steel mesh grille should fit in place if you do it properly. To hold it in place, the new grille should come with some mounting mechanism. The Royalty Core grilles come with a bolt and anchor type attachment that works really well:

Royalty Core grilles have some of the best mounting hardware on the market. This method makes it very easy to install.
Royalty Core grilles have some of the best mounting hardware on the market. This method makes it very easy to install.

When you get the new grille insert in place, it’s time to install the light bars. Most of the time, they will come packaged separately, and it’s up to the installer to mount the lights. This is good because the lights add much weight to the product and make the grille hard to handle.

The LED light bars mount to the backside of the grille, so just the face of the light is showing.
Royalty Core uses Vision X brand of LED light bars. This is because Vision X has the world’s brightest light bars: more than double the light output of any other company, light bar per light bar.

When the light bars are mounted and aligned to the grille, you can re-attach the truck grille to the truck. Now that the grille is heavier than it was initially, it’s a good idea to get some help!

Re-attach the grille to the truck.

With the new grille-mounted to the truck and secured using all the factory mounting points, it’s time to run power wires to the light bars. The best way to do this is to start with a universal relay harness, wire it to the battery, switch inside the vehicle, safely through the firewall and up onto the hood, and finally connect to the new light bars.

Drilling a hole in the dash and mounting a switch, passing wires through the firewall, connecting power wires to the battery, and running power wires up onto the hood all require a fair amount of skilled installation ability. If you don’t understand how to wire in a relay harness, either hire a professional to do it or research the safe methods and learn how to do it yourself. Just be warned that this is definitely considered a custom electrical wiring installation.

Run new wiring from a switch inside the cab into the engine bay and safely up and onto the hood to power the new lights.

The install was done on this particular truck grille to use a set of GTR Lighting LED Halo style in-dash switches. These are some of the nicest-looking switches around and fit in most spots on the dash.

Custom mounted halo switches from GTR Lighting.

At the top of this post, there’s a video to show all of this information in more detail. It’s about 20 minutes long but really goes in-depth on the ins and outs of this type of install. Before you decide which grille to purchase, check it out if you can handle the job yourself. Or click here to watch the video now.

2010 Toyota Tundra featuring a Royalty Core steel-mesh grille with a pair of Vision X LED offroad light bars installed.
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