Backup Safer with GTR Lighting's LED Reverse Bulbs


Nissan GTR sporting the GTR Lighting HID Reverse Light Kit

Many folks that talk upgrading your reverse lights to anything other than stock is a waste of time because LED doesn’t put out enough light and HID takes too long to warm up. I am here to tell you today that that is WRONG! Sure sometimes LED bulbs aren’t as bright as the stock reverse lights but they look cool. Normally when working with a standard 35w HID conversion kit they will be WILDLY brighter than stock but they do take a little while to warm up, and by that time you’ve already finished backing up and into drive again to get where you’re going. I want to inform you about the GTR Lighting HID Reverse Lights conversion kit though – this kit is only 15w and designed for backing up. They light up really bright really fast and will blow any LED or stock bulbs out of the water! Just watch this video demonstration:

HID Reverse lights are one of the hottest products in the high performance lighting market right now because they are really efficient (therefore they warm up fast) but they still have the high-power output that you’re used to from HID components. They have a water proof ballast, several different adapters to make it plug and play for almost any vehicle and come with extensions in case you don’t have room for all the wiring and parts behind your tail lights!

These are perfect for if you are backing up a truck to hook up a trailer or boat, if you are trying to get out of a cramped parking lot at a party or you want other drivers to REALLY NOTICE YOU when you are driving in reverse. Sometimes you will hear people complain about their lack of visibility when backing up in their car or truck and they will say “why didn’t they make my reverse lights brighter?”. The reason is that the original function of a reverse light assembly in your vehicle is for the visibility TO other drivers, not your own visibility while backing up.

HID Reverse Light conversions will not only increase other-drivers’ visibility of your car, but also increase your own visibility when backing up in a dark setting. You can’t go wrong with this product, just make sure you don’t cheap out and get a “discount” kit that will only last a couple weeks of driving. We always recommend GTR Lighting because they have proven to be the best in the business.

For when you need the best in high performance lighting, pick the lights that don’t quit. GTR Lighting HID Reverse Lights.

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