Can You Spot the Car With Its Headlights On?

Car headlights are usually easy to notice, especially when they're glaring at you during nighttime drives. However, in the brainteaser shared in this article, spotting the car with its headlights on is a bit more challenging. In the illustration, numerous cars of different colors and models are displayed in rows. Among them, only one car has its headlights on, indicated by the yellow glow. The brainteaser, created by the comparison website iCompario, is designed to test one's attention to detail. On average, it takes people 45 seconds to identify the car with the lit headlights. Surprisingly, over a quarter of participants couldn't solve the puzzle. If you're up for the challenge, give yourself a minute to find the car. If you can't spot it, the answer is provided at the end of the article.

Spot the Lit Headlights?

Car headlight hidden image puzzle.

Here's the Answer!

Solution to car headlight hidden image puzzle.

Original article by Michele Debczak on Mental Floss.

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