C4 Corvette HID Headlights Explained

C4 Corvette with aftermarket HID Headlights.

The original headlight in the Chevrolet C4 Corvette car (1984 – 1996) is a sealed beam 200mm rectangular housing called the H6054. Most sealed beam halogen gas filled headlights are rated at an output of approximately 700 lumen, whereas a factory halogen light bulb is rated from 900 – 1,200 lumen of light output. Modern day halogen light bulb capsules are far superior to all sealed beam headlights, but they still do not perform like xenon options that are available today.

An original sealed beam headlight on the left, new composite headlight housing on the right.

The sealed beam headlight housing must be completely swapped out when it burns out. The new style of headlight, commonly called H6054 conversion, 200mm headlights, 7×6 headlights or 5×7 headlights, are all versions of what is called a composite headlight. It’s called a composite because it has two parts, the housing and the replaceable light bulb. Composite headlights can be found in many different styles, and TLG-Auto offers one of the widest varieties of composite headlights to fit the C4 Corvette:

C4 Composite headlights come in many styles including projector-style, reflector, OEM style and True-Projectors with halos.

The way a C4 Corvette HID Kit works is to pair a new 7×6 composite headlight with an aftermarket HID conversion kit. You choose the power level and the color then all the pieces are put together to create a plug and play headlight conversion system. If you convert your C4 to HID using the TLG-Auto kit, you will never again replace the entire housing, but only change bulbs in the rare occurrence you will even need to.

HID Headlights installed in a C4 Corvette.

Light output from a projector headlight fitted with HID bulbs in a C4 Corvette.

In short, the TLG-Auto HID conversion kit for the C4 Corvette is an easy to install modification that yields greater light output and more up to date styling for your car. Remember, save the wave and keep driving!

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