A Look at the 2014 Corvette Stingray LED and HID Headlights

The new Corvette Stingray is a pretty wild machine… using carbon and nanotech technology to create a super strong chassis along with new wild and intelligent styling and a super powerful 450HP LT1 engine. In my opinion the icing on the cake are the wild new LED and HID bi-xenon headlights:

The new C7 headlights are pretty wild! Built in DRL and bi-xenon HID forward lighting.

The first time I saw these headlights were at the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas where there were a BUNCH of these cars on display, and the first thing I thought of was similarity to the Ferrari 458 Italia headlights:

The Ferrari 458 has a similar style headlight to the new Stingray.

The fact that the Ferrari and Corvette share such a similar luxury design really shows the target the new Vette is trying to hit and with all the details and style that went into the new car it shows Chevrolet really knows what they are doing with this car!  After getting some really good looks at the new Corvette Stingray headlights this is what we can tell you about it:

  1. Amber LED turn signals on the outside of each headlight


  2. White LED DRL under each projector


  3. Bi-Xenon 35w HID High and Low beam head lamp


  4. Black housings


  5. Corvette logo embossed on lens above projector


Corvette Stingray LED and HID Headlights

Here is a quote from the Chevrolet.com website about all new head lamps:
“Frosted indirect high-intensity discharge headlamps are the eyes to the technological soul of the Stingray, emanating crisp color, brightness and efficiency. The new elements bear a sharper, more sinister shape, framed by edge-lit amber LED turn signals and black chrome housing. Bi-Xenon HID technology achieves high and low beams with a single light engine.”

Here is the photo gallery I put together from all of the Corvette Stingray cars we found at SEMA 2013:

img_20131105_132959619_hdr-150x150 img_20131105_1330109651-150x150 img_20131105_133020230_hdr-150x150
img_20131105_133023469-150x150 img_20131106_135603000-150x150 img_20131106_135609000-150x150
img_20131106_142723204-150x150 img_20131106_142730604-150x150 img_20131106_142741483-150x150
img_20131106_142745732-150x150 img_20131107_120842815-150x150 img_20131107_120850094-150x150
img_20131107_120944302-150x150 img_20131107_132014765-150x150 img_20131107_132044929-150x150
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