A Dive into Tesla's New Headlight Reveal for Model 3

When it comes to automotive lighting, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve and ensuring our community is illuminated with the latest news. The Tesla Model 3 has been lighting up the electric vehicle market, and now, thanks to a leaked image on Reddit, there's a fresh spark of excitement. The picture showcases a bold revamp to the Model 3’s headlights, embodying Tesla's commitment to innovation and excellence.

A leaked photo shows off the refresh Model 3, known internally as Project Highland

A sneak peek image reveals the updated Model 3, internally dubbed Project Highland.                                                       ffiarpg/Reddit

Shining a Light on the New Design

Tesla's Model 3 isn’t just a car; it’s a symbol of a future-forward movement in the automobile industry. This leaked snapshot indicates that the brand isn't just riding on past glory. With a reimagined headlight design, Tesla reaffirms its dedication to progressive thinking.

What's noticeable in the "Project Highland" update, apart from the headlights? Here's our friendly and expert breakdown:

Headlights that Speak Volumes

The leaked image is a testament to Tesla's visionary approach. While this refreshing design aligns with whispers we've been hearing, it's the real-world visual confirmation that gets us excited. Now, where did those fog lights go? Have they found a new home inside these flashy headlights or taken a backseat? The answers remain veiled in mystery. One thing's clear, though: Tesla continues to lean on vision-based park assist, sidelining ultra-sonic sensors for now.

A subtle change we couldn’t help but notice: the slimmer side mirror design. Plus, the missing "T" logo on the hood suggests a move towards a more minimalist, yet distinctive brand presence.

Illuminate Yourself: More on Project Highland

This leaked image throws light on certain updates, but there's more under the hood (or should we say, behind the headlight?). From our previous insights and with a sprinkle of our friendly expertise:

  • Centered Bumper Camera: A clever move to address potential blind spots.
  • Rear Bumper's New Look: While Tesla remains tight-lipped, we're keen to see the motivation behind this change.
  • Camera Additions: Three new angles to look forward to! With one upfront and a pair on the sides, Tesla seems poised to offer enhanced visibility.
  • Savvy Sensor Updates: Swapping the exterior temperature sensor for a GPS-based model? Sounds like a tech upgrade we can get behind. Plus, a refined GPS module promises pinpoint accuracy.
  • Inside Out: Wave goodbye to the wood trim, welcoming a fabric finish. As for the dashboard, it’s getting a fresh face, though the final look remains under wraps.

With a clear focus on not just driving, but illuminating the future of automobiles, the Model 3 Highland hints at Tesla's enduring promise to outshine the competition. These tantalizing changes, mixing cost-consciousness with innovative flair, will undoubtedly cast a bright beam of anticipation among aficionados. We're keeping our eyes peeled for its third-quarter production commencement, and equally eager for the Model Y's Project Juniper to follow suit.

In the world of automotive lighting, remember our mantra: "We do lighting. Better." Stay tuned to Better Automotive Lighting for clear, expert advice and reviews that help you make informed decisions in the radiant world of automotive illumination.

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