Where to buy the new JW Speaker 8800 Evolution 2 Heated 4x6 LED Headlights

Early this year JW Speaker launched a new product line to replace the much-loved Model 8800 Evolution product line. This is the 3rd iteration of their world famous 4×6″ sealed beam replacement headlight housing and it is arguably the best.

8800 Evo 2 Chrome Low Beam part number 551371: https://headlightrevolution.com/jw-speaker-8800-evolution-2-led-4×6-low-beam-headlight-chrome/

8800 Evo 2 Chrome High beam part number 551381: https://headlightrevolution.com/jw-speaker-8800-evolution-2-led-4×6-high-beam-headlight-chrome/

8800 Evo 2 Black Low Beam part number 552551: https://headlightrevolution.com/jw-speaker-8800-evolution-2-led-4×6-low-beam-headlight-black/

8800 Evo 2 Black High Beam part number 552671: https://headlightrevolution.com/jw-speaker-8800-evolution-2-led-4×6-high-beam-headlight-black/


8800 Evo 2 HEATED Chrome Low Beam part number 551771: https://www.headlightrevolution.com/jw-speaker-8800-evolution-2-led-4×6-low-beam-headlight-heated-chrome

8800 Evo 2 HEATED Chrome High Beam part number 551781: https://www.headlightrevolution.com/jw-speaker-8800-evolution-2-led-4×6-high-beam-headlight-heated-chrome

8800 Evo 2 HEATED Black Low Beam part number 552651: https://www.headlightrevolution.com/jw-speaker-8800-evolution-2-led-4×6-low-beam-headlight-heated-black

8800 Evo 2 HEATED Black High Beam part number 552671: https://www.headlightrevolution.com/jw-speaker-8800-evolution-2-led-4×6-high-beam-headlight-heated-black


These headlights are in high demand, so expect to wait as long as 4 weeks to get your hands on a set! Not only are they a new style design, but they are brighter, and they are the same price as the older Evolution headlights from 2016.

There is a new optic design on the low beam which allows them to be the first to meet proposed National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) guidelines for a 5-Star NCAP-compliant low beam headlight. Another added benefit of the 8800 Evo2 is it now features “comfort lighting” on the high beam that will project light above the horizon as well as retaining the same level below the horizon.

The 8800 is STILL not available in a dual beam headlight, right now you’ll have to settle for dedicated low beam specific and high beam specific headlight housings. There is another option for a dual beam 4×6 LED headlight from a different company here.

The warranty for all JW Speaker products going forward in 2017+ is now a 5 year warranty, that means that these new 8800 Evolution 2 LED headlights carry a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. To get warranty repair or replacement they need to be sent back to the JW Speaker dealer where they were purchased, then sent back to the JW Speaker facility in Wisconsin for inspection and approval.


Anyway, there’s nothing fancy here, just high quality construction and useful function featuring a very strong heat sink, good wire connections and a high quality moisture vent to keep them fog free!

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