What's the Difference: SSM vs ASM Morimoto Headlights

What's the Difference: SSM vs. ASM Morimoto Headlights?

When choosing the proper headlights, it shouldn't take long to find out Morimoto has set the bar in automotive lighting. When it comes to looks, which we're guessing you care a lot about, it may leave you wondering which is best for your ride.


It depends on two things: what look you're going for (i.e., whether it's a trailer queen or street cruiser) and the DOT compliance laws where you live. For example, you may see products with two different side marker options: Amber or Smoked.

However, Smoked turn signals are not DOT compliant for public street use in the United States, so you can't show them off anywhere other than a car show or track environment. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration considers them "reflex reflectors," which under their rulebook, drivers need to ensure "that other drivers can see the turn signal from a range of positions to the rear of the vehicle." The Smoked look just does not offer that complete visibility in comparison to its Amber counterpart. But man, does it look sharp!

For all of you hard parking VIPs, you can feel free to "go dark" with that black-on-black and smoked lights look most of us love to see, as long as you avoid the street. Regardless of your needs, whether it's to brighten up the road or shine up that clout machine for a show, Morimoto has your headlight needs on lock!

If you have any questions on what works for your vehicle, Morimoto has always been good about responding to inquiries!

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