Vendors at the Advanced Lighting for Automotive Show - Better Automotive Lighting

The Advanced Lighting for Automotive Summit is an event held every year in Detroit, MI and is a great place for networking and education because you get to interact with automotive professionals from all corners of the industry including vendors. You can expect to rub shoulders with business owners, teachers, engineers and designers, all in the automotive lighting market space. This unique coming-together of automotive specialists is a really unique experience that you won’t find from any other lighting conference.

If you fall into any one of these categories, or you work for any of these companies, or similar companies, then the Advanced Lighting for Automotive conference is a good place for you or your employees to visit, present or display your products to other automotive industry professionals.


These vendors were present at the 2017 Advanced Lighting Summit in Detroit:
Lumitex, INC
ON Semiconductor
Auto Archeology
Better Automotive Lighting


ON Semiconductor Interview:


Lumitex Interview:


SeaLink Interview:


Auto Archeology Interview:


If you want more information about signing up for the next Advanced Lighting for Automotive Summit, please visit the link here: Register for Conference