Truck-Lite 4x6 LED Headlights - Better Automotive Lighting

Available September 2015 HERE

Truck-Lite developed and brought to market the world’s first 100% LED sealed beam style 7″ round H6024 headlight a decade ago, and since then they have been a leader in the LED headlight market around the world! The Truck-Lite company now has a second generation of 5×7″ LED sealed beam headlight replacements, and 7″ round LED sealed beam headlight replacements and in September of 2015 they will be releasing the all new 4×6″ LED headlight sealed beam replacement.

This new sealed beam replacement style headlight will be a plug and play upgrade for anyone running 4″ x 6″ sealed beam style housings, high beam and low beam will be separate.

Semi trucks, tractor trailers, cars, tractors and light trucks have been using the 1A1 and 2A1 style (4×6″) headlights for ages, and this year a new LED version will be available! These new LED headlights from Truck-Lite should sell for less than $200 each.

The system will offer a beam pattern with improved width and longer reach in a build that is designed to be lightweight. The LED lighting provides several improvements over alternatives including longer life, better lumen maintenance and improved color.

A 9-33v multi-volt design ensures that the 4×6 LED headlight system works with any vehicle that uses industry standard 4×6-inch cutouts including buses, off-road vehicles and medium-duty trucks. With proper mounting, the headlights exceed FMVSS-108 and CMVSS-108 DOT requirements for both low and high beam performance.

“Our goal is to get LED lighting and its safety benefits into as many vehicles as possible. Truck-Lite received feedback from the market that there was a demand for this, and we’re thrilled to respond so quickly, and with such a high-caliber product,” said Brian Kupchella, president and COO.

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