The best H6054 LED Headlights for the C4 Chevy Corvette

The 1984-1986 Chevy Corvette C4 came from the factory with that old-style sealed beam / halogen headlight housing. You can’t take apart the headlight and just swap out a new bulb – it’s a sealed unit which means it’s required to replace the entire assembly. A lot of people install aftermarket “composite” style 5×7″ rectangular headlight housings that allow you to install aftermarket replaceable bulbs and then people will do an HID conversion kit for more light output.

However, this isn’t a great option for the C4 Vette because the way the pop-up headlights work: The housing buckets actually flip all the way around, like a 180 degree spin! All of the wiring and harnesses coming off of the HID system to make it function get in the way of the pop-up mechanism and it becomes difficult to do the install. It’s possible, but there’s a LOT of wiring involved.

The C4 Corvette uses an H6054 glass/halogen sealed beam headlight housing in a flip-up assembly.

The best upgrade for the C4 Corvette is the JW Speaker 8900 LED headlight housing replacement. It will provide nearly 3 times more light output, plus a wider, brighter, and whiter beam pattern.

Because HID conversion kits are so bulky and difficult to install, your best bet is to go with a full LED housing replacement like the JW Speaker 8900. This headlight is a standard size 5×7″ sealed beam replacement housing and it’s 100% plug-and-play on the Chevy Corvette. They come with a 5 year warranty, and just like your Vette they are made in America!

Popular in the heavy duty trucking market, the Model 8900 Evolution is a simple drop-in replacement for 5″ x 7″ headlights. They feature a tough die-cast aluminum housing and hardcoated polycarbonate lens for maximum durability. The high quality LEDs and engineered optics produce a superior beam pattern for maximum visibility. Install it in your vehicle to see just how impressive the best LED lighting can be.

  • Your choice of chrome or black inner bezel
  • Combined high and low beam functions
  • Newer design boasts a 30% increase in high beam intensity
  • Lower power usage



For more details about the JW Speaker 8900 LED headlight for your Corvette, watch this video that goes over this particular headlight and some other options too:

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