How to upgrade license plate lights to LED 2014-15 Toyota Tundra

There are a lot of bulbs that will plug in and fit your 2014-2020 Tundra License plate lights, but we went with the biggest and brightest LED bulb we could find to fit. We went with the GTR Lighting 3W CREE LED Projector Bulb. This bulb is commonly known as 194, but also T10. These bulbs are a direct fit to your stock 2015 Tundra license plate bulb, and are at least three times brighter and have a crisp, pure, 6,000K white color. These bulbs really make a noticeable difference. This bulb is perfect since it is directional forward facing; no light is needed around the edges of the bulb.

Upgrading tundra license plate bulbs 3

Upgrading tundra license plate bulbs 2

Upgrading tundra license plate bulbs





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