How to Remove 350z Headlights - Better Automotive Lighting

The best way we found to change the headlight bulbs in your 350z is to completely remove your headlight housings. To do that, you’ll need to remove the bumper. It is possible to get access to the backside of your headlight through the wheel well, but you don’t have much space to work in and the actual replacement job is more difficult this way. If you take the headlights off the car you can easily do a good job at replacing your Nissan 350z headlight bulbs or upgrading your blinker bulbs to LED.

The Process: 
  1. Start by pulling back the front fender liner on both sides of the car.
  2. Reach behind the bumper next to the front wheels and remove the two 10mm bolts attached on both sides of the bumper. These bolts face up and connect the top corner of the bumper to the bottom corner of the fender.
  3. Locate and remove the six plastic clips on the top of the bumper under the hood.
  4. At the bottom lip of the bumper locate and remove eight 10mm blots that hold the splash shield.

With the front bumper removed, removing the headlights is easy.

removing 350z headlights 7

Remove the four bolts: two on the bottom, one on the top, and one on the side.

removing 350z headlights 8

removing 350z headlights 9

There is one large bulkhead connector that all of your headlight wires plug into that needs to be disconnected. With the headlight housings removed, it's really easy to get at your 350z bulbs to change them. Are you looking for new bulbs that are brighter or have a better color? Find 350z headlight bulb replacements and upgrades here

Watch the video below to see the different headlight options and differences.

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