How to install 9005 bulbs in place of 9145 bulbs

Many vehicles use an H10 or 9140 or 9145 light bulb in the fog lights, but these bulbs are almost identical to the 9005 bulb. The 9005 light bulb is 10x more popular than the H10/9145 or 9140 variant so normally a 9005 bulb kit will be used in most cases. There is a small modification to make on the 9005 bulb to make it fit into a housing designed to take H10/9145/9140, and sometimes you don't need to do anything! 

Read this PDF to find out how to do this modification and install.

9005 - 9145 tab trimming

As seen in the photo above, all that is needed to modify would be this single tab on the upper left corner, indicated by the red arrows. Stock 9005 on the left and the modified 9005 on the right with tab shortened. Tab material can be cut very easily with a small course file or a dremel tool. We did not take any exact measurements, but you end up removing about half of the original tab as shown on the right bulb. Material is removed for the top of the tab. During this project, avoid touching the bulb as best you can to ensure proper lifetime of your bulb. Here is a rear view of the 9005 Silverstar bulbs. Modify the same tab on each bulb and your installation will go without a hitch!