What to expect at the Advanced Lighting for Automotive Summit? - Better Automotive Lighting

Advanced Lighting for Automotive Summit is the name of an event held in Detroit and put on by an organization called IQPC. This event is very useful because it’s a unique opportunity to bring together automotive professionals for discussion about laws, design, engineering and new technology.

Who is IQPC?

IQPC is a market research/business intelligence and event organizing firm that specializes in bringing together automotive OEM’s and Tier 1 technology manufacturing suppliers. They promote networking, idea sharing and bringing like-minded professionals together to foster relationships across the community.

What is the conference about?

Advanced Lighting for Automotive is a gathering of thought leaders and innovators within the lighting space giving you an opportunity to connect with those really focused on the design of the next generation of automotive lighting systems to improve safety and technology.


This event is a great place for engineers, designers, marketers, technology suppliers and manufacturers to get together and connect. As a result of this conference many people from different lines of work in the same industry have had a chance to meet and connect who otherwise wouldn’t have. This event is a fantastic platform for networking because it involves many people from across the automotive lighting spectrum, not just designers and not JUST suppliers. The discussions range from meeting IIHS/NHTSA regulations for new lighting systems, all the way to deciding which technology to use in a lamp: LED, Halogen, Xenon or Laser. Other topics of discussion include new manufacturing processes for creating more efficient designs and technologies.

People who should attend: