All New A-Pillar LED Pod Lights for the 2021+ Ford F-150

All New A-Pillar LED Pod Lights for 2021+ F150

Are you looking to upgrade your Ford F-150’s auxiliary lighting? Look no further than Morimoto’s new 4Banger A-Pillar kit for your 2021+ F-150s. The Morimoto 4Banger is THE LED Pod Light for your Ford pickup trucks.


Morimoto promises a stellar combination of performance, style, and versatility, making sure the 4Bangers are guaranteed to impress. Morimoto has created many vehicle-specific fog lights and A-Pillar mounts so that you can easily install these LED Pod lights. You will also find that plug-and-play capabilities eliminate the need for complex wiring. Since their release, the 4Bangers have been a game-changer in the LED pod light market, and for good reason. Today we will be giving an overview of the Morimoto 4Banger A-Pillar F150 kit and looking at how the vehicle-specific mounts make the 4Banager LED pod light line-up one of the most versatile on the market today. 

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More About the 4Banger LED Pod Lights

In late 2021, Morimoto announced their new line-up of 4Banger LED Pod Lights. This release included the NCS and HXB versions of the pod lights offered in spot, wide, and combo beam patterns. These LED pods are designed to compete with top-of-the-line LED pods that use 4 LEDs… hence the name of 4Banger. The HXB 4Banger pod light is considered the high-performance pod, featured inside are the Osram HX Boost LED chips to help provide a mass amount of light output. Next in the lineup comes the NCS, the entry-level pod light. The NCS pods use Nichia LED chips placing the performance of this pod in the sweet spot between Diode Dynamic’s SS3 Pro and Diode Sport pod lights.

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The new A-Pillar kit for the F-150 is the perfect solution for more light, aimed exactly where you need it. The A-Pillar kit is offered with the spot, combo, and wide beam patterns in your choice of white or yellow. If you are trying to determine which pod is the best fit for your F-150, click here. The A-Pillar kit went through numerous rounds of design and testing to ensure perfect compatibility. The A-Pillar kit will utilize your OEM hood mounting points to provide an installation that is modification free. Each bracket is carefully laser cut from 304 stainless steel and then powder coated, making sure that this A-Pillar kit is the most durable and high-quality on the market.

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Along with extensive fitment testing, Morimoto also completed multiple rounds of reliability testing. With the high power of the LED pods, means they are going to generate more heat. To combat high temperature, Morimoto built the 4Banger pods with a copper DTP (direct thermal path) PCB. The DTP PCB maximizes heat transfer to the radiator. The radiator within the LED pods went through numerous rounds of thermal analysis to ensure heat dissipates as efficiently as possible. For someone using these pods for many hours off-road, this is a key feature of the 4Bangers.

With the ease of installation in mind, Morimoto incorporated several mounting locations and cable routing options. The wiring is designed to route from the bracket down into your engine bay to provide a clean installation with no excess wiring. To install, you’ll want to utilize Morimoto’s switched relay wire harness. This wiring harness is plug-and-play much like many other Morimoto products. Not one component on the harness was overlooked for the sake of cost or simplicity, ensuring you have a weather-proof harness that won’t let you down.

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Which 4Banger is Right for Me?

To ensure you have a light that fits your driving needs, Morimoto has offered their new 4Banger LED Light Pods in three different beam patterns.


Spot Beam – First in the lineup is the spot beam pattern. This beam pattern was made for high-speed and long-range visibility. The HXB Spot beam featured with Osram LED chips is capable of throwing light up to 800 meters in front of your truck. The NCS pods, while not as powerful, still feature a highly focused 5-degree hot spot surrounded by a flood pattern. This combination of light makes it the perfect weapon for long-range visibility. Regardless of your speed, the HXB or NCS spot beam pods are there to ensure you have no problems avoiding deer in the distance.

Combo Beam – If seeing so far into the distance you can see your future isn’t your goal, then perhaps the driving/combo beam is the perfect match for you. The combo beam pattern combines both the spot beam and wide beam. The goal of this pod is to illuminate a clear path with a medium visibility range. They combine the perfect blend of width and distance and will pair perfectly with a set of high-performance headlights, such as the Morimoto XB headlights.

Wide Beam – Both the NCS and HXB are SAE-compliant for fog-light patterns. The HXB pod light is currently brighter than the industry standard as set by the Diode SS3 Max. When comparing the two side by side, it is easy to see that the SS3 lacks at the far end of the beam pattern. The wide beam was designed to illuminate the ground directly in front of the vehicle. In addition, both pods are designed with vertical gradient control which eliminates any glare for oncoming traffic. The 4Banger wide beam delivers the best combination of width, intensity, and control -- making it the most effective off-road LED fog light in the world.


The 4Banger LED Pods are offered in either white or yellow. The white pods are simple – a white LED that projects through a clear lens to create a crisp-white color temperature. As for the yellow pods, it is not just a white chip shining through a yellow pod. The NCS pod lights feature a phosphor-converted (PC) yellow chip behind a yellow lens. The PC chip produces yellow light, this formula combined with the yellow lens delivers optimal intensity. Placing a white LED chip behind a yellow lens will drastically refuse the amount of intensity produced.

The white LED Pods will be optimal for driving in the rain, snow, or fog. The yellow LED Pods will be best optimized in shady, overcast weather. If you would like to learn more about the advantages of yellow auxiliary lighting, read this article published by Headlight Revolution.

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Regardless of what you go with, choosing any quality LED Pod light will get you solid performance when it comes to the light output. If you would like to see Morimoto’s lineup of 4Banger LED Pod lights, click here.

 If you are more of a visual learner and would like to see Morimoto's in-studio review and installation of the 2021+ Ford F-150 4Banger kit, click hereThe 4Bangers blew us away with respect to their quality, design, and performance. This leaves us wondering what else Morimoto could have in store for this market segment in the future.

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