What's Brighter? LED or HID Bulbs? - Better Automotive Lighting

Never before has an LED bulb been as bright (or brighter) than an HID conversion kit! Until today I have never tested an LED bulb that’s brighter than a 55w HID. The results are in! If you want the brightest LED bulbs in the world you’re going to be looking at the GTR Lighting Ultra 2 LED Headlight bulbs. See for yourself!


In this test, showing the results in a Toyota Tacoma projector headlight the GTR Lighting Ultra2 LED bulbs came in at 1,140 Maximum Lux whereas the Morimoto 55w HID came in at only 825 Maximum Lux! We measure Lux because it’s the best way to measure actual usable light in a headlight!

In the part of the test showing a reflector headlight, the HID bulbs were brighter, and I think you’ll actually see a wide variance of results depending on which headlight housings you do this test on. This test is just designed to give you an idea about what is possible with LED bulbs: