What are the differences between early and late model 350z headlights?

The 2003 – 2005 350z headlights came with 2 light bulbs and the option of an HID bulb for low beam or a standard halogen bulb for low beam. The high beams are always the same though in this early style headlight. The configurations you can see on the 03-05 350z headlight are: H7 halogen low beam with H7 halogen high beam. Or D2S HID low beam with H7 halogen high beam. Also, the early model projector is a type of hybrid projector unit.

The 2006 – 2009 350z headlight only comes as one style, and that’s a single, large, bi-xenon (dual beam) projector assembly utilizing a 35w D2S HID bulb. This headlight has a motorized shutter inside that allows the single projector to create 2 beam patterns for your high and low beam function.

Nissan 350z headlights

In this video we go in depth discussing all the details of these two styles of Nissan 350z headlight housings, what it takes to upgrade them, replace bulbs, and remove them from the vehicle for maintenance:

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