The 2023 Audi S6: A Comprehensive Review Inspired by Doug DeMuro's Video

In the realm of automotive reviews, few voices are as trusted and respected as that of Doug DeMuro. Known for his in-depth and unbiased reviews, DeMuro recently turned his discerning eye towards the 2023 Audi S6 in one of his latest videos. This blog post aims to distill the insights and observations from that video into a comprehensive written review.

In the world of luxury sports sedans, the 2023 Audi S6 often finds itself overshadowed by giants. These giants include the likes of the Mercedes AMG E Class, the BMW 5 Series, and even its sibling, the Audi S7. However, as DeMuro points out, the S6 refuses to fade into obscurity, boasting a sporty demeanor powered by a 444-horsepower twin-turbo V6. Let's delve deeper into what makes the S6 tick.


Positioning in the Market

The Audi S6 is the high-octane version of the Audi A6. Interestingly, the previous generation S6 was equipped with a twin-turbo V8 pushing out 450 horsepower. However, the current model has opted for a twin-turbo 2.9-liter V6 with a slightly reduced 444 horsepower. This might raise eyebrows, especially in an era where power is king. However, the S6 doesn't disappoint in terms of speed, with Audi claiming a 0 to 60 time in the low 4-second range. A starting price of around $75,000 makes the S6 an excellent value. This is especially true when compared to its pricier rivals.


A Subtle Exterior

One of the most distinctive features of the S6 is its understated exterior design. The S6 doesn't scream "performance" at first glance like many of its competitors. The subtlety of this approach can have a double edge. While some may appreciate the elegance and the element of surprise, others might desire a car that looks as powerful as it feels. The wheels, however, betray its subdued design. They are not only large but also flaunt a flashy design with distinctive ridges in the spokes, bearing the RS insignia, a nod to Audi's performance lineup.


Luxurious Interiors

Inside, the S6 exudes the luxury one expects from Audi. The interiors are reminiscent of other modern Audi models, characterized by high-quality materials, including aluminum finishes and Alcantara. The seats, adorned with red contrast stitching in a diamond pattern, add to the car's premium feel.

However, in a bold move, Audi has transitioned away from traditional buttons and switches. The climate controls, for instance, are now fully integrated into a touchscreen. Though this offers a sleeker design, it isn't for everyone. This is particularly true for those who prefer the tactile feedback of physical buttons.


State-of-the-Art Infotainment

Audi's infotainment system in the S6 is nothing short of impressive. It's user-friendly, responsive, and packed with features. The home screen, divided into three panels, provides quick access to the most-used functions. The 3D map feature in the navigation system is functional and adds a touch of modernity and fun to the driving experience.


Performance and Handling

On the road, the S6 is a beast. It might not be the pinnacle of performance sedans, but it offers a thrilling driving experience. The car handles beautifully, striking a balance between comfort and agility. Audi has managed to create a vehicle that provides a smooth ride without compromising on its sporty handling. However, the absence of automatic steering at this price point is a glaring omission, especially when cheaper models offer this feature.


Automotive Lighting Options in the 2023 Audi A6 and S6 Models

The 2023 Audi A6 and S6 models feature different levels of automotive lighting based on their respective trims.

2023 Audi A6 45 TFSI Premium, 55 TFSI Premium

  • The base Premium trim comes equipped with standard LED headlights and taillights. The LED lights are energy efficient and provide excellent illumination. The trim also includes automatic high beams, which can adjust themselves based on the presence of oncoming vehicles to prevent glaring their drivers.

2023 Audi A6 45 TFSI Premium Plus, 55 TFSI Premium Plus

  • The midrange Premium Plus trim upgrades the lighting to Matrix-design LED headlights. This adaptive lighting system adds dynamic animated sequences and enhances safety and visibility by illuminating the road more effectively and reducing glare for oncoming drivers. The system can also automatically adjust the beam pattern depending on the driving situation.

2023 Audi A6 55 TFSI Prestige

  • The top-of-the-line Prestige trim features HD Matrix-design LED headlights. These are a more advanced version of the Matrix-design LED lights found in the Premium Plus trim, offering even better illumination and adaptive capabilities. The high-definition aspect denotes improved clarity and sharpness.

2023 Audi S6 Premium

  • The S6 Premium trim also comes equipped with Matrix-design LED headlights, providing the same benefits as described above.

2023 Audi S6 Premium Plus

  • The Premium Plus trim in the S6 model does not specifically mention an upgrade in the automotive lighting.

2023 Audi S6 Prestige

  • The top Prestige trim of the S6 model also includes HD Matrix-design LED headlights for better illumination and visibility.

Additionally, a few models feature a Head-up display, which projects important information (like speed, navigation directions, etc.) onto the windshield in the driver's line of sight. This helps keep the driver's eyes on the road. The feature is standard in the A6 Prestige, S6 Premium, and S6 Prestige trims.

The S6 Prestige also offers an optional Night Vision Assistant feature. This system uses a thermal imaging camera to detect pedestrians and large animals in the vehicle's path, which may not be visible with the naked eye in the dark. The system presents a highlighted warning in the driver information system and, in critical situations, provides an acoustic warning.

Final Thoughts

The 2023 Audi S6 is a testament to Audi's commitment to offering top-notch luxury sports sedans. It's a well-rounded vehicle that offers speed, luxury, and tech in a subtly designed package. 

While it might not be the first choice for those looking for an overtly sporty design or the absolute best performance in its class, the S6 has its appeal. It's a solid choice for those who want a blend of performance and luxury without drawing too much attention. In a market dominated by SUVs and crossovers, the S6 stands as a reminder of the allure and functionality of sedans. As DeMuro's video review shows, the S6 is a car that deserves to be noticed and appreciated.

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