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The Monster Board from GTR Lighting – one of MANY different lighting products available at Headlight Revolution

Have you ever tried looking for some type of lighting product but couldn’t quite find what you are looking for? I’d like for you to know about Headlight Revolution, which sells and stocks an incredible line of LED and HID products as well as headlight housings and off-road lights.

Every light bulb you will ever find in your car or truck can be replaced by LED or HID bulbs available from Headlight Revolution. Need a weird looking trunk light bulb? Headlight Revolution carries it. Need a high power off-road light option with the ballast inside – Headlight Revolution has it too. Aside from bulb replacements and upgrades you can also find universal LED products, like the Monster Board by GTR Lighting pictured above.

The idea behind the way Headlight Revolution sells lighting products has to do with selling high quality products at an affordable cost. For example, you may find Hella internal-HID off-road lights for upwards of $400+ and the Eagle Eye Lights with the same power and quality can be had for less than $200 a piece. The HID kits are all strictly high-end and you will never spend money on something that isn’t worth it at the Headlight Revolution store. Visit Headlight Revolution for a huge selection of lighting products.

If you’re looking for something that you can’t find in the lighting department please contact Headlight Revolution with any questions, technical or sales-wise.

Unique to GTR Lighting – these high power LED bulbs are 6 watts each and feature a output projecting lens on the top and 360 degree light output around the sides. More unique lighting products available at Headlight Revolution.

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